Attending Online Colleges can Get you the Degree You've Always Wanted

Getting a higher education is a lifelong dream for many people. Unfortunately due to time, cost, other obligations, or accessibility, many people have to skip out on this dream. However, in today's world it has become very easy to get a college education online through online colleges.

Online colleges can either be a part of a brick and mortar school, or they can be their own separate, entirely online entity. You will have to apply, listen to lectures, turn in assignments, and take tests just like you would at a traditional school. In many cases, the syllabi are identical between the online and in person classes. If you want to go this route, it is important to find an accredited and legitimate school. You can check accreditation websites and search for online reviews in order to find a good program.

Benefits to Online Colleges

Many people think of online colleges as the "lazy" way to get a degree, and some people do not view them as highly. However, online college degree programs are just as difficult as traditional programs, and even more so for many people. However, they do come with some benefits:

  • Save time – you can plan your schoolwork around your schedule. You can keep a full time job, go on vacation, and tend to children or other outside obligations without it affecting your degree.
  • Save money – although tuition will likely be similar to a brick and mortar school, you will not have to pay for other fees as well as room and board, meal plans, and parking expenses. In many cases you can also keep your full time job, so there will not be a drop in income.
  • More options – you can get anything from an associate's degree to a doctorate online, in many different majors. Some people do not have access to the program they are interested in locally, and online is their only option.

Berklee Announces New Online Music Degrees

Berklee Announces Brand New Online Music Degrees
The Berklee university of Music has established a new slate of internet based level programs, including two in songs creation, cementing its status due to the fact very first approved non-profit songs organization to supply Bachelor degrees online. On the web students will quickly …
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Perdue School to introduce on line MBA level program
Salisbury University's Franklin P. Perdue class of company is launching an internet type of its Master of company management program in autumn 2015. “We wanted to offer a far more flexible and convenient version of our highly-competitive MBA for …
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Choose Between An On Line Scholar Certificate, Degree Program
As an example, a person with a bachelor's degree in education might go after a certificate in management and supervision, as is provided by the University of Phoenix. In contrast to certificates, internet based degree programs tend to be "going to-be wider," states …
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Husson and KVCC Sign Agreement to Facilitate the Transfer of Course Credit

Bangor and Fairfield, Maine (PRWEB) November 14, 2014

Husson University and Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) signed agreements that will create a smooth process for the transfer of credits from KVCC to Husson. The signing ceremony, representing the culmination of the agreement process, occurred at 12:00 p.m. on Thursday, November 13, 2014 on KVCC’s Harold Alfond Campus,17 Stanley Hill Road, Hinckley, Maine in the new KVCC Sustainable Agriculture classroom building.

The agreements cover the transfer of credits from the following KVCC Associate degree programs into the corresponding Husson University baccalaureate degree programs:

Courses from KVCC’s Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in Business Administration with a computer systems integration option will qualify for up to 55 credits toward a Husson University Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Computer Information Systems (CIS). Students who complete the required 55 credits worth of coursework specified in this agreement would only need to complete an additional 66 credits in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from Husson University.

Courses from KVCC’s AAS degree in Business Administration with a marketing/management option will qualify for up to 63 credits toward a Husson University BS degree in Business Administration. Students who complete the required 63 credits worth of coursework specified in this agreement would only need to complete an additional 60 credits in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from Husson University.

Courses from KVCC’s AAS degree in Business Administration with an accounting option will qualify for up to 69 credits toward a Husson University BS degree in Accounting. Students who complete the required 69 credits worth of coursework specified in this agreement would only need to complete an additional 51 credits in order to complete their bachelor’s degree at Husson University.

Courses from KVCC’s AAS degree in Business Administration with a computer systems integration option will qualify for up to 64 credits toward a Husson University BS degree in Software Development. Students who complete the required 64 credits worth of coursework specified in this agreement would only need to complete an additional 57 credits in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from Husson University.

Courses from KVCC’s AAS degree in Culinary Arts will qualify for up to 51 credits toward a Husson University BS degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management. Students who complete the required 51 credits worth of coursework specified in this agreement would only need to complete an additional 72 credits in order to earn a bachelor’s degree from Husson University.

Coursework from KVCC’s AAS in Mental Health and the AAS in Autism Spectrum Disorder Studies now qualify for credit toward Husson University’s Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree. Up to 60 credits from each of these AAS programs will now seamlessly transfer to Husson University. Since the BS in Psychology degree requires students to complete 120 credits in total, students transferring 60 credits from KVCC will already be halfway toward completing their bachelor’s degree at Husson.

“Thanks to these agreements, KVCC students who pre-plan their college careers will now be able to avoid taking unneeded credits and spending money on courses that won’t count toward a bachelor’s degree,” said Husson University’s College of Business Dean Marie Hansen. “The students will be able to enjoy success at both the associate’s level and then continue on to a bachelor level degree in a variety of business-related disciplines.”

Husson University Dean of the School of Science and Humanities Patricia Bixel added, “By creating a more seamless credit transfer process, we are making it easier and more cost effective for students to complete a Bachelor’s degree with Husson University. These agreements help aspiring professionals advance their education and provide our mental healthcare system here in Maine, and beyond, with a more knowledgeable workforce. We welcome the opportunity to develop such agreements with as many community colleges as possible for appropriate Husson programs.”

KVCC Vice President and Academic Dean Jon Connolly praised Husson for the ease with which the partnership unfolded. “Developing this partnership and these articulation agreements was smoother than any we have ever conducted. Husson’s openness to putting students’ degree attainment and advancement above all else is evident in both the attitude of the partnership’s construction and in the structure of the agreements themselves.”

Kennebec Valley Community College (KVCC) is one of seven community colleges in Maine that operate under the authority of the Maine Community College System Board of Trustees. KVCC is a public, non-profit, post-secondary institution supported in part by State legislative appropriations and federal funds. The College offers more than 35 programs of study ranging from two-year associate degrees to certificates, as well as a comprehensive schedule of continuing education courses and business and industry outreach programs. For more information on KVCC go to

For more than 100 years, Husson University has prepared future leaders to handle the challenges of tomorrow through innovative undergraduate and graduate degrees. With a commitment to delivering affordable classroom, online and experiential learning opportunities, Husson University has come to represent superior value in higher education. The Bangor campus and satellite education centers in Southern Maine, Wells and Northern Maine provide advanced knowledge in business; health and education; pharmacy studies; science and humanities; as well as communication. In addition, Husson University has a robust adult learning program. For more information visit

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Approved Colleges Launches Online Ebola Course to Prepare and Educate Organizations Amidst Global Concerns

(PRWEB) November 06, 2014

In recent weeks the threat of the Ebola virus has become a global concern and drawn international attention to the crisis unfolding in West Africa. The recent diagnosed cases in the United States have only fueled national fears and concerns over the deadly disease.

With the U.S now forced to examine its own preparedness and begin shaping policy around the Ebola crisis, many have begun to question the awareness and education that professionals in the United States are armed with to combat this life-threatening virus.

To adequately address the panic and fears that the media storm surrounding Ebola have caused, proper education and training is a must. Today, Approved Colleges, LLC is proud to announce a new online course offering focused exclusively on the Ebola threat. This course covers the history and nature of the pathogen as well as symptoms, transmission, prevention and sterilization.

This course aims to educate workers, professionals and educators on the facts, myths and best practices surrounding the potential threat that Ebola presents to the general population. Upon completion of the course, students will take an exam that covers the core concepts presented and affirms a general understanding of the Ebola virus and disease.

The course is available on both an enterprise and personal level and is ideal for individuals working in industries where daily face-to-face communication and in-person interactions are common with customers, colleagues or the public. The course features 30 minutes of in-depth content and is designed for adult learners.

For more information, visit:

Approved Colleges is an online course and training provider based out of Harrisonburg, Virginia specializing in customer online education and interactive learning platforms. Approved Colleges serves government organizations, enterprises and private clients in pursuing better training and education techniques through technology.

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Northwood University Coach Rollie Massimino, Seahawks Take-On Villanova and Other Nationally Ranked Teams in NAIA Championship

West Palm Beach, Florida (PRWEB) October 31, 2014

Rollie Massimino, Northwood University Florida Head Men’s Basketball Coach and Director of Basketball Operations will “return house” along with the Florida Seahawks Men’s Basketball Team to defend myself against the Villanova Wildcats November 4th at 7pm EST.

Televised nationally on FOX Sports 1, the video game will mark the 30th Anniversary in which Massimino led the Villanova Wildcats to defeat seminar competing Georgetown in NCAA tournament game – one of the best upsets in tournament history. Nationally distinguished university baseball broadcaster and center Atlantic Conference Hall of Fame honoree, Bill Raftery, will announce the overall game.

The Villanova game could be the 2nd of three nationwide rated tournaments when it comes to Northwood University Seahawks, as they begin to undertake the University of Iowa November 2 and Wichita State November 9.

“The chance to play such competitive groups makes for a good knowledge for the pupil athletes. The opportunity to play on nationwide tv is one thing very, very special,” stated Massimino of his team, which includes participated in both final and semifinal NAIA nationwide tournament games, and because February 2008 features ranked in the top 25 for 80 consecutive polls.

Massimino’s wealthy, almost 60-year mentoring legacy of training management both on and off the judge features produced over 20 previous Northwood University student professional athletes who will be now playing professionally overseas, two who are presently with all the Harlem world Trotters and several that mentors or assistant mentors within numerous quantities of the sport.

“Winning games is important, but getting the possibility to see a few of these youthful pupils become adult, effective men and women was the biggest satisfaction of my athletic job,” reflected Massimino who was inducted in to the National Basketball Hall of Fame in 2013.

Please go to these backlinks to learn more about Rollie Massimino as well as the Northwood University Seahawks Men’s Basketball Team. View here to locate regional FOX Sports 1 television listings.

About Northwood University

Personal, nonprofit, and accredited, Northwood University focuses on managerial and entrepreneurial education at two full-service, domestic campuses located in south Florida and mid-Michigan. Adult Degree products are available in seven states with several course distribution options including on line. The DeVos Graduate School offers accelerated, evening and weekend development in Michigan, Texas and Florida. The Alden B. Dow Center for Creativity and business provides system-wide expertise in family enterprise, entrepreneurship, creativity and innovation, and home based business development. Worldwide education exists through research abroad and in system Centers in Switzerland, China (Changchun and Wuxi), Malaysia and Sri Lanka.

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UNC investigation: Athletes pushed into fake classes by counselors

UNC investigation: Athletes pushed into fake classes by counselors
Academic counselors in North Carolina's athletic department pushed athletes into a system of fraudulent, no-show classes that was used to keep players eligible, a new investigative report released Wednesday shows. The report by Kenneth Wainstein, …

Gym Classes for Children
When Catherine Rocco opened Exceed Physical Culture on the Upper East Side in the spring of 2012, she intended the gym's classes, which involve jump ropes, monkey bars and kettlebells, to be a kind of fitness playground for adults. But during the …
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The UNC fake class investigation and the 'myth' of the student-athlete
The numbers alone are surprising. At the University of North Carolina, more than 3,100 students, many of whom were athletes, took phantom classes in a “shadow curriculum,” netting high marks despite the fact that the classes never met and there wasn't …
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Probe: Athletes took fake classes at University of North Carolina
The "irregular classes" at UNC-Chapel Hill from 1993 to 2011 had no class attendance or faculty involvement, according to Wainstein's independent investigation. Student-athletes accounted for nearly half of enrollments in the irregular classes, the …
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The AKC Canine Health Foundation Commits $268,000 to Combat Epilepsy and Hypothyroidism in Dogs

Raleigh, NC (PRWEB) October 16, 2014

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) today announces the funding of two grants for canine epilepsy and one grant for canine hypothyroidism. These grants, totaling over $ 268,000 in funding will ultimately equip veterinarians with more effective treatments and researchers with a better understanding of the underlying mechanisms that cause these diseases.

“With input from breed clubs, dog owners and experts in veterinary medicine, canine epilepsy and hypothyroidism were identified as major health initiatives that required further study,” said Dr. Shila Nordone, CHF’s Chief Scientific Officer. “One Health is an important criterion for the research funding we award. These health concerns not only impact our dogs, but they impact many dog owners as well.” The National Institute of Health estimates that epilepsy affects 2 million people in the United States and that hypothyroidism affects nearly 4.6% of people in the United States. “By helping our dogs we potentially unlock better treatments for ourselves as well,” said Nordone.

Approximately 30% of all dogs diagnosed with epilepsy are not able to achieve relief from seizures with the current drug therapies available, and current treatment options also carry possible negative side-effects. Dr. Sam Nicholas Long, PhD, University of Melbourne was awarded a grant for $ 116,000 and Dr. Ned Patterson, DVM, PhD, University of Minnesota was awarded a grant for $ 104,781. These researchers aim to better classify the disease, understand the underlying mechanisms that predispose dogs to epilepsy, and introduce new drugs into the canine epilepsy treatment pipeline.

While hypothyroidism is well understood in humans, it is difficult to accurately diagnose in dogs and remains one of the greatest challenges in veterinary medicine. Dr. Jan A. Mol, PhD of the University of Utrecht was awarded a grant for $ 48,195 to investigate three methods that may provide a more accurate diagnosis for hypothyroidism than the tests currently available for practitioners. Better diagnostic tools give hope for earlier diagnosis and possibly early intervention to prevent progression of thyroid tissue damage.

In addition to the canine health funding announced today, CHF has funded more than $ 600,000 in research grants during 2014. This diverse grant portfolio aims to provide better treatments and more accurate diagnoses for our dogs.

Funding for CHF grants comes from a variety of sources, including corporations, dog clubs and individuals who are committed to canine health research. Dog lovers are encouraged to make a donation to support canine health research by visiting

CHF is a non-profit organization dedicated to funding research to prevent, treat and cure canine disease. Visit CHF online at for more information about the Foundation. Like CHF on Facebook, follow CHF on Twitter @CanineHealthFnd,or connect with CHF on LinkedIn.

# # #

About CHF

The AKC Canine Health Foundation (CHF) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping dogs live longer, healthier lives by funding research that helps prevent, treat and cure canine disease. Established in 1995, CHF’s mission is to advance the health of all dogs and their owners by funding sound scientific research and supporting the dissemination of canine health information. Through the generous support of the American Kennel Club, Nestlé Purina PetCare, Pfizer Animal Health, dog clubs and dog owners worldwide, CHF has dedicated more than $ 40 million to canine health research projects and education programs. Visit CHF online at for more information.

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Le Jolie’s Fresh Face Model Competition Will Heat Up the Runway at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA (PRWEB) October 10, 2014

LeJolie, online luxury goods boutique, will host the final round of the international and exciting “Fresh Face” search for the chic brand at the Millennium Biltmore Hotel on Friday, October 10, 2014 from 12-4 pm. Red Carpet at noon, Cocktail Party at 3:30 pm. Hundreds of hopeful models are vying to be the next big supermodel. The two winners of the contest will each be awarded a one-year contract and be featured on billboards across the country, as well as on advertisements in New York’s Times Square.

Supermodel Janice Dickinson has joined the stylish LeJolie team as an honorary judge and advisor to help select the next shining star in the modeling universe. Christina Fulton, singer/talk-show host (Playing It Forward), will host this extravaganza, and will interview prospective models to see if they have what it takes to be the Fresh Face of LeJolie! On Saturday, October 18th, LeJolie will select 20 models from the search to rock the runway at LA Style Fashion Week.

Not only will hot young Hollywood be attending the fashion show, but celebs will also be walking the runway. Many surprises will be in store for this glamourous event. Talented DJ Kriz Kruz will play live on the ones and twos. A sparkling cocktail party will top off the festivities.

On October 7, 2014, LeJolie, kicked off their worldwide search for the face of their elegant brand at the historic Millennium Biltmore Hotel in the “Biltmore Bowl” ballroom, the site of eight Oscar ceremonies in the 1930s and ‘40s during Hollywood’s Golden Era. Hundreds of beautiful models lined around the block to compete to be the next “It Girl” on the international fashion scene.

Shlomo Meiri, founder and CEO of LeJolie, is the genius behind the next biggest online luxury goods shopping boutique. Offering top designer clothing, trends, vintage, new young designers, accessories and LeJolie’s own special brand for women, men and kids, clients will enjoy up to 50% off retail price, with flexible payments… “buy now, pay later!” Look out world, get ready to dress like a star without breaking the bank. is the upscale Netflix of fashion – binge and shop for luxury goods until you drop. The site is a fashion destination with luxury brands such as Valentino, Gucci, Prada, Louis Vuitton, Dolce & Gabbana, Versace, Missoni and Tom Ford. With no interest and no fees on your payments, shopping is no longer a guilty pleasure! LeJolie’s “Access to Excess” is revolutionizing the way everyone shops online.

Join us on October 10th at the Millennium Biltmore in downtown LA, where two very lucky girls will be crowned the “Fresh Faces” and international spokesmodels for LeJolie!

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online degree programs community colleges with online degrees

online degree programs community colleges with online degrees

list of auto insurance companies small business credit cards best small business credit card credit cards for small business low interest credit card balance transfer what is the best…
Video Rating: 3 / 5

How can a bachelor’s degree help you achieve your culinary career goals? With multiple majors and concentrations, CIA students can design their education to …
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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NET Institute Recruits Sylvans Founder to Focus on Addiction & Recovery Coaching

Daytona Beach, Florida (PRWEB) September 26, 2014

Serial entrepreneur, educator and founder of Sylvan Learning Centers, Berry Fowler, has joined forces with Dr. Jean LaCour, President and cofounder of NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education, to provide professional recovery coach training to thousands.

“Alcoholism, substance abuse, and addiction are a rising epidemic worldwide,” exclaims Fowler. “It touches families from all areas of society and we are determined to help.”

Fowler, a former classroom teacher who founded Sylvan in 1979, knows firsthand what it’s like to have a loved one caught in the throes of addiction. Nine years ago he and his wife discovered a close family member had become hooked on heroin. “We were shocked, devastated and desperate,” explains Fowler.

Over the next few years, they tried several long term treatment programs and were disappointed with the results. “The initial treatment seemed to work really well. It was afterward, when returning to the real world, that things would begin to fall apart,” reports Fowler.

The Fowler’s, who for the past six years have been in the business of training life and business coaches, began to see how the principles of professional coaching would be a powerful answer for optimizing the success of a person in all different stages of recovery. Coaching offers a safe, trustworthy relational connection which supports clients in the process of self-discovery, personal growth, personal responsibility and taking the next steps in their life journey based upon constructive and beneficial priorities. Coaches also provide accountability to help their clients clarify and build on their own internal motivations.

Enter Dr. Jean LaCour, the NET Institute and the beginning of a collaborative effort to change the world. Over the past twenty years, Dr. LaCour has equipped thousands of people in over seventy countries with powerful tools and concepts so they can succeed in helping others to recover from addictions. Through her organization, the NET Institute, she has educated and empowered her graduates to become Certified Substance Abuse and Addiction Counselors as well as Recovery Support Advocates.

Dr. LaCour is proud of what she and her team have accomplished, but recently she felt something was missing. Looking to provide more, and aware of a number of highly respected colleagues who had turned to coaching as an effective and enjoyable way of helping their clients, she began to understand the distinction between counseling and coaching. Soon she became convinced that by combining the proven protocols of professional coaching with the best practices of drug, alcohol and addiction recovery she could help millions of people to rise above the struggle of addiction and participate in their own recovery with fresh insight and renewed expectation for positive change.

Dr. LaCour’s research led her to the Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching. She explains, “From our first conversation, Berry and I found we shared a passion to create more options for individuals and families facing addiction and fresh approaches for the people who serve them. We recognized that together we can equip thousands of caring people with an engaging positive approach that counteracts the problems of addiction and offers a stabilizing relationship for the person in recovery to move beyond mere survival and sobriety towards higher levels of satisfaction and success in life as they rediscover their own possibilities.”

Since then, Dr. LaCour has developed The Rise Professional Recovery Coach Online Training Program in cooperation with Berry Fowler as a collaborative effort between NET Institute Center for Addiction and Recovery Education, Fowler International Academy of Professional Coaching and a notable team of highly experienced addiction professionals.

To learn more about the Rise Professional Recovery Coach Program go to:

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- Online Classes

– Online Classes

from Marketing

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